The idea came to me while trying to get Star Trek Online to download and install over my not-so-great internet connection. I am, as you may have guessed by looking at my profile picture or reading the title of this blog, obsessed with dragons. I like the idea of scaly lizards that breath fire and fly. I also love science fiction. I’m particularly fond of Godzilla movies, but I’ve also had a fondness for Star Trek nearly all my life. I’m not sure if I would categorize myself as a hardcore Trekkie, but I’m definitely a fan. So when it occurred to me that a lot of star trek episodes are essentially science fiction mystery stories, and that the gamebook I’m working on is a mystery story revolving around dragons, I ended up putting the two together. The result is a concept that I’m calling Star Dragons.

In a distant part of the galaxy live the Draconids, also known as Star Dragons. They were one of the first species to develop interstellar travel, and have spent the years since them exploring the galaxy and setting up research outposts with the hope of contacting new lifeforms around the galaxy and learning about the universe. Star Dragons resemble anthropomorphic lizards with diaphanous insectoid wings, colorful scales, and sometimes even hair. Gas sacks in their chest cavities enable them to fly with the help of their wings, and they have the unique ability to absorb cosmic radiation and project it in a blast of plasma from their mouths. They collect personal trinkets and mementos to form “hoards,” with which they have a psychic connection that helps them to recover from injuries.

Star Dragon society runs on a roughly anarcho-syndicalist model and is heavily decentralized. With the exception of an individual’s hoard, resources are shared between the worker’s syndicates, which¬† resolve matters in direct democratic councils within each outpost. Outposts communicate with each other via ansible transmissions, negotiating for research as needed.

I’m still working out what the exact plot will be, but the main protagonist will be a new researcher arriving at their first posting and becoming embroiled in a mystery of some sort. Anyway, I love the setting idea and I am completely stoked to begin writing!

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