A pink and blue dragon throws up a peace sign in front of a city.
Behold your Kaiju GF!

Hi! I’m Xandra, an author of short stories and adventure gamebooks. My first gamebook, Welcome to Drakenheim, is in the process of being written. I hope to have it done by the end of July, 2020.

I’m transgender, use she/her pronouns, am a furry and avid fan of Godzilla movies, and I frequently go on social media to discuss social issues. I am panromantic and on the asexual spectrum. I’m also neurodivergent and take neurodiversity and mental health very seriously.

This website is meant to act as a homepage to collect all my various thoughts and ideas in one place. Take a look through these pages and see if any of my writing is to your liking. Personally, I hope that it is.