Here’s something cool: lots of wordpress stuff for micropub, indieauth and other things enable the ability to microblog from anywhere and simultaneously share your stuff on your blog, twitter and Mastodon!

Here’s something less cool: no one will explain how to set this up. The assumption seems to be that if you have to ask, you don’t know enough to start using your own indieweb set up, or at the very least there is no clear start-up guide that I could find. What I eventually had to do to set up my own indieweb site was the following:

1. Set up a wordpress site with ssl

2. Add rel=me links for both mastodon and twitter to my wordpress site.

3. Install the indieweb wordpress suite of plugins and activate it.

4. Connect both my twitter and my mastodon account to

5. Make sure my theme was compatible with microformats

And now I can sign in to Quill and post directly to my blog, twitter and mastodon all simultaneously.

This may look simple but it takes a bit to do and requires a lot of moving parts to interact. The upshot of all this is now that I can have an archive of all my tweets and toots and use my blog as my central hub for interacting in the world. It’s not foolproof, but I hope it will mean that I can control my own web experience a lot more than I have been able to in the past.

I like microblogging. A lot. I practically live on Mastodon. But sometimes I want to write something longer than 280 characters, or would like a record of what I posted somewhere easily accessible. And also I’d like to have a copy of and control over my content.  Ideally, the answer would be some sort of self-hosted tumblr thing. But that doesn’t exactly exist yet, so here’s my convoluted solution: a self-hosted wordpress site with a micropub add-on and a twitter crossposter. This lets me save any post I want to both twitter and my wordpress blog. 

This is not the idea situation, maybe, but it lets me quickly format and send posts places with an editor (Quill) that I am starting to love. All in all this seems like an interesting experiement and I look forward to working more on this as time goes on.